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If make child care; than big city Daito City

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[delivery, child care]

■We are reliable since before having been born! Dental health examination is almost 120,000 yen of the total amount the pregnant woman medical examination furtherance of set, too
■There are no medical expenses furtherance income restrictions until graduation from junior high school after we are born
■The afternoon of Saturday is medical examination municipal institution Children's Clinic, too
■Mom is relaxation after giving birth relaxation furtherance 30,000 yen relaxedly in after giving birth, too
■Coupon 10,000 yen and taxi ticket which are usable for child care support service and the child care article purchase
■Area loosely delightful "open space of gathering" that is easy to make its debut "child care support center"
■We want you to keep only a little. "Family support center" in such a case
■Substantial childcare menu only by "temporary custody" "holiday childcare" "illness child nersery room" Daito City
■Residence, close residence support up to 500,000 yen next in whole family child care living together
"Father and son health record book" which is kind to "iku men" "Kids Plaza"


■Junior high school third grader is scholastic ability improvement seminar on Saturday by private supplementary school lecturer from fourth grader 
Bargain tuition primary schoolchild 10,000 yen, junior high student 20,000 yen (a year)

■After school and establishment of study hall with holiday learning support supporter
■Measures of all study of ancient Japanese thought and culture te are perfect! Common arrival degree confirmation test
■As for the menu of student suggestion! Under lunch conduct that is delicious in the small!
■We want to certainly keep security of children! All elementary and junior high school facility earthquake resistance, security camera setting 100%
As for 190 places of commuting to and from school, more than 4000; watch; the system!
■Air-conditioner is equipped with study to all progressing comfortable environmental elementary and junior high school classrooms!

[house, living to act]

■Town with the workplace of substantial manufacturing
■Work Support Daito which we work and introduce
■Commuting attending school shopping to the downtown area is rent, land prices cheap by rapid train easily to Kita-Shinchi Station for 14 minutes, too!
■The east of town is quasi-national park! In Iimoriyama, a lot of Mt. lighthearted hiking course mountain girl boys come.
Superb view which we can view to Shikoku on day when it was fine well must see it.

■Very big park "Fukakita Park" seasonal flower blooms, and disorder, butterfly dance, and trees grow thick.
We can enjoy running course, barbecue open space, dog run, tennis court all day.

■That Osaka Toin baseball club ground field service center that next, camping athletic, cooking food for oneself is possible 
Anyone is OK let alone child. Do you not experience wild outdoor life?
 (external link)
■Daito citizen loves event and festival, sports, dance, music.
Illuminations event that began in the Edo era commencing with kudanjiri Festival sequel to recently and cheerful demasse exercises,
It is full loading so as not to be able to write Daito on the rocks city ...
■Town, Daito to live for with history. Inbound area where is the highest in those days that a lot of visit people visit on coastal line of the sea in the ancient times.
Nagayoshi Miyoshi who achieved world unification ahead of Nobunaga for the Middle Ages, the age of civil strife sets up castle in Iimoriyama,
This ground in capital!
 It was rich farm village which supported epicurism Osaka in the Edo era.

[we wait for ... Daito City to gusset which wants to live more and yet more person, work construction broad strategic view ...]

[delivery, child care]

neubora for delivery, one-stop service Daito City of child care 
■Suminodo is close to the station! Illness child, station square childcare station establishment of temporary custody OK


■Elementary school, junior high school attending school convenient compact town near from house
■It is improvement of English education from third grader growing rapidly!
■Home training support that both domestic education power and improvement isolation prevent
■Every area consistency school in the small with characteristic to setting
■Manufacturing education only by town Daito of manufacturing
"Career education" of "city company exploration tour" of primary schoolchild junior high student "manufacturing experience course"

[house, living to act]

■Job house approaches in compact town! Town where is plentiful time to be able to spend with child!
■We support motivated person! Support share store and challenge Mart support youth, company of woman
■City company supports coexistence of cooperation, work and child care, too
■Maternity leave return to the foundation of support "entrance reservation system"
■Compact town excellent at simple access house miyasusa in supermarket, child care facility
Empty house is approach of transformation empty house renovation smartly
■There are playground equipment color color, unique child play garden in each place.
■It is play bo, GO in river! GO! Die ton GO! This
■As for top athlete including former medalist Asahara and town volleyball or the sumo that can exercise close (external link)

※There is thing examining now.

It is GO to broad strategic view