Let's get rid of miserable traffic accident! !

Traffic fatal accident of elderly person occurred! (this year second case)

 While elderly woman crossed road by bicycle in 1-9, Shindenhonmachi, Daitou-shi point street (Osaka Ikoma Line) in dusk on October 30, 2017, there was miserable accident to collide with motorcycle, and to die.
 Because it becomes hard to be able to see each other in dusk time, traffic accident tends to occur frequently.
When it is gone out,
 * We do not do jaywalking of road, and let's cross pedestrian crossings.
 * Even car seeing in the distance comes close immediately. Let's certainly stop impossible crossing.
 * Bicycle turns on light early, and let's wear helmet for bicycle.

 * Early light lighting (the 4:00 p.m. level)
 * You use high beam, low beam properly effectively, and please sense danger early.
 * Please drive speed carefully modestly.

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Citizens' Life Department Life safety Division

Phone number 072-870-4010 fax 072-870-7732
〒The first floor of 574-8555 1-1-1, Tanigawa, Daitou-shi, Osaka city hall east annex
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Update day: January 15, 2018