Action at the time of J alert and ballistic missile fall

Summary of J alert (national second warning system)


   It is system to transmit to inhabitants by outdoors speakers instantly by sending urgent information about situation that coping such as nation protection information such as natural disaster information such as the Earthquake Early Warning or ballistic missile information does not have time room using man-made satellite and ground line from country including the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, and starting emergency broadcast systems of city automatically.


Communication just after ballistic missile discharge

 Ballistic missile may arrive at before we do from discharge for only ten minutes.

 When missile may fall to Japan, we convey urgent information from country instantly

Utilize "J alert", and with siren sound which is special in emergency broadcast system message

We drain and will tell about urgent information by area email and urgent breaking news email.


 * Reproduction (we reproduce this siren sound or record and do, and it is forbidden that we sound abusively.) of siren sound


Action that you should take right after message flowed

[when in the outdoors]

  * Please evacuate to in building (if you can do it strong buildings such as concrete building) nearby or basement (facilities such as underground shopping center or station building under the ground under the ground).

  * You hide yourself in shade near when there is not building, or the ground can lie down, and please protect the head.

[when in indoor]

    * You are separated from window as much as possible, and please move to cave if possible.


  You evacuate and take a prompt action, and you follow, and please act calmly.

 ※ Furthermore, please refer to the following related link for detailed information.

     (outside site moves to Cabinet Secretariat nation protection portal site.)

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