Figure of city planning reading

Reading of figure of city planning

This page displayed restricted zone, coverage ratio, floor area ratio in Daito City in city planning information as of March 30, 2016.


On January 16, 2014, we perform change (the abolition) of city planning road. As for the details, please see page of "we performed change (the abolition) of city planning road" than link under this page.


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Condition in the use

  1. This page provides city planning information only for Daito City. Drawing output from this page is not available for public certificate. Please use as figure of reference.
  2. A part of road or the building of topographical map to offer in this page may be different from the present situation. In addition, topographical map using for indication does not show proprietary rights and borders such as land or building.
  3. This page includes error in map and data making. About detailed contents of city planning, please confirm by all means at Urban Policy Division window.
  4. When growing thing of right and duty, correct information including thing to assume document of real estate transactions are necessary, investigation, please confirm separately.
  5. Copyright of figure of this city planning subsists in Daito City. Of consent of Motoichi prohibit acts such as reproduction, reproduction as far as there is not.
  6. Motoichi does not take all responsibility about direct or indirect loss, damage to occur by the use of this page.
  7. Information to offer in this page is not all of city planning and information about use of land regulation. Please use displayed contents after confirmation well.
  8. Address search using in this page is function that we establish for convenience to search information of place of the investigation early. Please use on map after checking place.


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Update day: April 8, 2016