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Daito City Board of Education

Board of Education Secretariat

Contact information

Board of Education, school Education Department Educational Policy Section

General affairs group
Phone number 072-870-9101 fax 072-872-2941

Home training supporting group
Phone number 072-800-7760 fax 072-872-2941

Policy studying group
Phone number 072-870-9103 fax 072-872-2941

Instruction, human rights group (instruction charge)
Phone number 072-870-9643 fax 072-872-2941

Instruction, human rights group (human rights charge)
Phone number 072-870-9104 fax 072-872-2941

Institute of Education
Phone number 072-870-9107 fax 072-872-2941

〒The fifth floor in 574-0076 4-6, Akebonocho, Daitou-shi, Osaka Civic hall
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Update day: August 7, 2018