Public personal identification service (electronic certificate)

Because, after January, 2016, grant of "my number card" (personal number card) is started,
In the end of December, 2015, we finished new grant of "electronic certificate" for "Basic Resident Register card" and Basic Resident Register card.

 We can use "electronic certificate" for "Basic Resident Register card" which has been already issued and Basic Resident Register card in the expiration date.
 When you are necessary after the expiration date, please make "my number card" (personal number card).


  Public personal identification service issues electronic certificate using Basic Resident Register card to person of inhabitants that the metropolis and districts are hoped for, and each municipality performs procedure of application, issuance. We come to be able to perform various administrative procedures through the Internet using this service sequentially in future. It is public personal identification service to be necessary then and issues "electronic certificate" preventing spoofing application by another person and communicating manipulation.



 About procedure

1. The person or agent applies (but identification card with public photograph including driver's license of designated proxy and answer book, applicant and agent is necessary, and, in the case of agent, there is not published on the same day.)

2. Please bring my number card (personal number card). (thing of applicant)

3. Issuance fee is free.                                             

But, about electronic certificate which lapsed with the card body by loss, damage of my number card (personal number card), there is a charge when we receive reissue at the time of re-grant of card.

Fee is 200 yen because of 200 yen, electronic certificate one for user proof because of one electronic certificate for signature. (but 200 yen in addition when we receive issuance at the same time.)




  • Expiration date of electronic certificate is the fifth birthday from day of issuance.                When 4 basic information is changed by report of family register and reports such as address transfer, electronic certificate for signature lapses before validity. In addition, we do not lapse even if 4 basic information is changed as for the electronic certificate for user proof. When expiration date of my number card (personal number card) expires, expiration date of electronic certificate will expire, too.           
  •  When expiration date of electron certificate for user proof expires, electronic certificate catching issuance for electronic certificate and signature for user proof lapses at the same time when validity of electron certificate for signature remains.
  •  We can apply for electronic recertification for three months of the end on expiration date. When we are updated before the end on expiration date, on new expiration date, it is the sixth birthday from day of update.
  • PC and IC card leader writer connected to the Internet are necessary to use this service.

 Available administrative procedure

  • In country, electronic report (the National Tax Agency) of national tax is started in June, 2004.


  • It is said that we are going to cope sequentially in Osaka from 2004.


  • In Daito City, we started "certificate convenience store grant service" (convenience store grant) that resident's card or seal registration certificate could acquire at main convenience stores of the whole country from Tuesday, July 24, 2018 using electronic certificate for user proof of my number card.


Contact information

General affairs Department Community Service Division

Citizen's information group
Report reception desk group
Proof issuance group
Phone number 072-870-4011 fax 072-870-9602
〒The first floor of 574-8555 1-1-1, Tanigawa, Daitou-shi, Osaka city hall central government office
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Update day: July 24, 2018