[Daito City my Lumi nation 2017] State on main event day

We planned the following events as main event day on Saturday for from Friday, December 1 to 2nd and were full of many visitors.

Including all of Daito City illuminations event executive committees engaged in plan administration, it was smile that there was many and event wrapped happily by each performer and all of supporting company, groups, others, your various cooperation.


Enlightenment campaign street in lighting-type & Human Rights Week

Enlightenment campaign street in lighting-type & Human Rights Week 

Four people of Vice Chairperson Kakutani of the Higashisaka mayor and Chairperson of Terasaka municipal assembly, Nagaki, chairperson of Daito City illuminations event executive committee and vice-chairperson pushed lighting switch installed in the stage center, and, with fanfare by Shijonawate Gakuen High School brass band club, illuminations turned on all at once.

Under speech and the performance by all of Shijonawate Gakuen high school brass band club, enlightenment article to be concerned with in "Human Rights Week" of from 4 to 10 on December was distributed to visitors afterwards.


TKO Takehiro Kimoto talk show

TKO Kimoto talk show 

In exquisite negotiations with the Higashisaka mayor, we had you talk very much about place of memory of Daito City! In addition, we were appointed by surprise by "Daito City mayor aide" who publicized charm and sightseeing of Daito City, and commission form and extra-large business card were handed by the mayor.

We plan popularity improvement of Daito City and uplift of image as Daito City mayor aide in various activity scenes and send charm of Daito City to the whole country widely and are going to have you perform proposal to participation in various events that Daito City carries out and cooperation and making of charm measures.


[public live broadcasting] ee street deoma full of jimoto!

Local full loading ee street deoma! 

We invited guests with connection to Daito City and, through program, had you send charm of Motoichi to people inside and outside the city.


Smile stage

State of smile stage 

We had you carry out performances such as live or dance by citizen and all of each group.

Audiences and performer and the event staff swelled all in one body.


Eating and drinking booth

Eating and drinking booth 

In brilliant illuminations and smile stage which swelled, both heart and health were given to warm up.

Secondary to last year, "Thomas pork miso soup" using Daito product vegetables was sold this time by business cooperation of all of Daito chamber of commerce, youth groups.

In addition, a lot of selected shops opened a store and were very popular!


Santa celebration parade

Santa celebration parade 2017 

We paraded in of exceeding with 200 that we disguised ourselves as such as cause, Santa of cooperation of pop town Suminodo opera park for the second floor of the Suminodo station square deck from Suminodo station square main street. We took a ceremonial photograph after parade and blessed smile wedding together afterwards.


Smile wedding

Smile wedding 2017 

Wedding ceremony that "we can experience only in Daito" becoming annual, "smile wedding."

We were held under the attendance of the Higashisaka mayor and blessed with participant of Santa parade and other visitors.

Every various places in venue were able to share ... such wonderful time that smile and wave of impression wrapped happily opened from greens beauty (ordinary) couple to visitors whom we blessed together Takuya Yoshimura (we burn Yoshimura) who held wedding ceremony.


Main venue illuminations 2017 

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