About Daito City brand

 In Motoichi, we are developing city promotion for civic satisfaction improvement for Motoichi and promotion of transference mainly on child care generation, but, as the part, charm and regionality of city are expressed clearly and establish "Daito City brand message" and "Daito City brand logo" as thing indicating directionality of town development in the future.



Daito City brand message

If make child care, than big city Daito City.



●It is expression that we can develop in the future including if "we touch the history" if "we live near nature" if "we do company" if "we deliver" if "we get married" if "we live long" if "we live in parent and child" if "we are assigned to work".

●We assume basic slogan "Daito City than big city if we do ○○." and place "Daito City for the first than big city if we do child care.". What does everybody want to put in the part of if "we do ○○"?

●We have both convenience of traffic to contact with Osaka-shi and natural environments such as Iimoriyama or Fukakita Park, and the history that was advanced area that is not known and rich farm village express intention that is going to individualize thing which Daito City has already had with thing which there is not in big city including climate which has been cultivated as the wonderful country, and stereotypical wordplay that we hung "big city" (we do) and "Daito City" (cow) aims at it being in topic.


Daito City brand logo

Daito City brand logo 


●It becomes logo that expressed town development that happiness spreads through by connection of person as smile.


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Update day: April 18, 2017