Daito City formula Instagram (Instagram)

We begin Daito City formula Instagram (Instagram)!

We establish Instagram account newly in Motoichi.

If you attach "hashtag # Daito Pharmaceutical Usu tile" and can post photograph, videos such as recommended spot in the city or wonderful scenery, the staff introduces in our account after selection. Do you not share charm of Daito City which everybody found with city?

You download application of Instagram to smartphone and tablet, and you respond, and please support search, account in "daitostyle".

In the case of the use including contribution, please read Daito City formula Instagram account operation policy, hashtag # Daito Pharmaceutical Usu tile Terms of Use by all means.

Account name = @ daitostyle

In addition, reading is possible from the following URL even if we use and do not register.

Daito City formula instagram account

We move to Android, download page of iphone when we click link to icon of following Google Play or App Store.

Let's obtain in Google Play

Instagram (Instagram) is downloaded by App Store

Daito City formula Instagram (Instagram) operation policy

We establish Daito City formula Instagram account (we say "our account" as follows.) to perform attractive dispatch of city which utilized social media for the purpose of promotion of city promotion in city. We shall establish operational policy of our account as follows not to invite misunderstanding and confusion as user on performing information dispatch through our account.
1 account info
(1) Social media service name: Instagram
(2) Account name: daitostyle
(3) Instagram account URL: https://www.instagram.com/daitostyle/

2 account operators
The Daito City Policy Promotion Department secretary public relations section

3 contributors
(1) Contributor from our account assumes the staff of the Daito City Policy Promotion Department secretary public relations section.
(2) About posted photograph and comment, staff of above posts on our account after selection after having agreed to "hashtag # Daito Pharmaceutical Usu tile" which this operational policy and our account run Terms of Use other than the above.

Photograph contribution of 4 users
(1) Amateur pix in our account shall correspond to the attractive next category in Daito City showing effect for city promotion of Motoichi.

・Nature, the history, Cultural (places that can come across nature, the history, Cultural)

・Child care information (measure or event of city about child care)

・Work (wonderful shop, noted product of Daito)

・Comfortable living environment (favorite scenery or place)

・Healthy living (favorite walk course, cheerful demasse exercises)

Comment contribution of 5 users
(1) For comment to our account, we may reply as needed, but do not guarantee all comment reply.
(2) We do not deal with opinion, question to city in our account. Question, opinion to Motoichi shall accept Daito City homepage from "inquiry, opinion".

Prohibition contents in 6 contributions
When user posts on our account, we shall forbid contents corresponding to the following matter. When account operator judges that we posted prohibition content or we might correspond to prohibition contents, we shall perform deletion or use limit of comment without giving notice of beforehand.
(1) Contents which become estranged for publication contents of our account remarkably
(2) It is contents with violation or the threat in laws and ordinances
(3) Contents which slander Daito City or third party, and slander or hurt honor or trust
(4) Contents which work on political activity, election, and resemble religious activity or these
(5) Contents which violate copyright, trademark of Daito City or third party, right of likeness or other intellectual property rights
(6) Advertisement, advertising, invitation, for-profit contents including business activity
(7) Contents which let you promote race, thought, discrimination such as creeds or discrimination
(8) Contents against public order and morals
(9) Contents unlike falsehood and fact and contents which let you promote merely rumor
(10) Contents which identify personal information without consent of the person, and leak out, and hurt their privacy
(11) Contents including harmful programs or contents which are judged to include
(12) Contribution from spoofing account and contents which are judged
(13) Contents which other account operators judged to be inappropriate

7 inquiries
(1) We perform information dispatch in our account with extreme caution, but do not guarantee about accuracy, integrity, usefulness of information.
(2) About loss indirect directly that occurred by going through Instagram of contributor using hashtag # Daito Pharmaceutical Usu tile, contribution on other SNS and our account, account operator shall not take responsibility at all.
(3) About comment posted on our account, account operator shall not take responsibility at all.
(4) Daito City may cancel Terms of Use of Daito City formula Instagram account, change of operational policy or administration of our account without notice.

8 operation
This operational policy applies from July 1, 2017.

Hashtag # Daito Pharmaceutical Usu tile Terms of Use

 About hashtag # Daito Pharmaceutical Usu tile to run in Instagram Daito City secretary public relations section formula account (daitostyle), we decide to handle as follows.

1.Image which had you soak hashtag "# Daito Pharmaceutical Usu tile" (including thing of similar expression such as "#daitostyle") and post is free, and it may utilize exhibition to riposte, SNS page and homepage of Daito City formula, Motoichi PR thing including poster as thing which got the consent of contributor. In this case, please note that you may not tell for contributor individually.

2.You photograph book of another person, and please be careful as you may hit infringement of copyright when you do processing and composition to material in it. When you post photograph of person, please assume only thing which got the consent of cover photographer. In addition, Motoichi does not take responsibility about trouble about copyright and right of likeness.

3.Please refrain from contribution to come under the next contents. About applicable photograph, we do not do the handling in Motoichi.
・Contents against public order and morals
・Thing including meaning of notice and advertising act of buying and selling and act to follow it, specific site and address
・Thing including act that disturbs administration of our account, and damages trust
・It is different from theme intention of our account
・It might conflict with right of authorized character and talent
・We slander individual, company, group and violate privacy
・It conflicts with copyright, right of likeness of another person
・Thing thought to be contribution by spoofing account
・It is taken as inappropriateness in other contributions

Contact information

The Policy Promotion Department secretary public relations section
・Secretary group
Phone number 072-870-0402 fax 072-872-2291
・Public information public hearing group
[public information public hearing charge]
Phone number 072-870-0403 fax 072-872-2291
[statistics charge]
Phone number 072-870-9393 fax 072-872-2291
〒The second floor of 574-8555 1-1-1, Tanigawa, Daitou-shi, Osaka city hall central government office
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