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We look for from scene of living

  • Pregnancy, delivery
  • Admission, entrance to school
  • Adult, employment
  • Marriage/divorce
  • Transference, transference, house
  • Condolences
  • Elderly person, care, person with a disability
  • Medical care, health
  • Garbage disposal/recycling
  • Procedure, certificate
  • Inquiry counter
  • The furtherance, medical treatment

Related organizations

  • Fire‐Defense Headquarters (fire department)
  • Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau
  • Election, inspection fairness committee
  • Iimori Cemetery association
  • Higashiosaka city cleaning facility association

Is helpful; site

  • Learn Daito; net
  • daitounoeemon
  • Community bus, riding together taxi
  • Iimoriyama hiking course

Population and household of Daito CityDetailed statistics information

The number of the households
56,348 households
  • Pre-these past months -39
  • Year-to-year basis + 326
121,049 people
  • Pre-these past months -127
  • Year-to-year basis -984
  • The increase and decrease of this year -724
59,323 people
  • Pre-these past months -70
  • Year-to-year basis -445
61,726 people
  • Pre-these past months -57
  • Year-to-year basis -539

As of the end of July, 2018

Daito brand message & logo

Daito City brand message & logo

Daito City brand message & logo expresses town development that happiness spreads through by connection of person as smile.

About Daito City brand

  • About new Government building maintenance
  • It is Daito native at ease
  • It is elderly person lively
  • Introduction of Daito City
  • Civic meeting local in all generations
  • Hometown tax
  • Small room of die ton
  • Public information Daito
  • Guide of living
  • YouTube
  • Facebook


It is useful for everyday life

Course civic in the Osaka Industrial University first half year

"Course civic in the Osaka Industrial University first half year" was held in Osaka Industrial University on June 9.

We lengthen body ogutto

We learn and worship

"We learned, and festival" was held in Manabi Kitashin on June 23.

We introduce by sketching forecast clearly

Weather classroom of Horai

"Weather lesson of Horai" was held in Civic hall on June 24.

A lot of stylish shops

Daito zunchatcha night market

"Daito zunchatcha night market" was held on JR Suminodo station square deck on June 27.

Short play to be able to learn with a laugh

It "is never coaxed!" Consumption life center lecture

Is Civic hall on June 30; "is never coaxed!" "Consumption life center lecture "Was held.

List of photonews

  • Collection of links
  • Daito City real estate sale
  • Companies MICO
  • Osaka Industrial University
  • Mikasa engineering firm
  • Stain, liver spot, freckles treatment Yagotoishizaka clinic of Aichi
  • Shinjuku Maria clinic of medical laser hair loss
  • We borrow advantageous rent-a-car in Osaka (tabirai)
  • Laser hair loss medical in Kanagawa is Yokohama Maria clinic
  • shakaifuku*hojinkeiseikai
  • Re-bottle technology
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