About advertisement of Daito City website

We raise advertisements from office or independent businessman to secure independent revenue sources in Daito City, and to plan offer of living information to citizen and there is a charge and publishes in Daito City website.
We publish banner ad in top page of city website and set link to website that advertiser appoints.
There is access from individual, company of the city, the suburbs in top page, and the number of the access of 2014 exceeds 600,000 cases.
About insertion, we make constant standard by summaries which we established in city.
In addition, about advertisement contents, all responsibility belongs to advertiser, and city does not recommend.
Please refer for application for publication and detailed contents including publication charges at the following.


Inquiry about paid advertisement of Daito City website


Charge: Sales promotion part

Phone number 092-716-1404

E-mail: info@zaigenkakuho .com

Address: 〒 810-0022 1-14-5, Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka MG Yakuin building 7F

Contact information

The Policy Promotion Department secretary public relations section
・Public information public hearing group (public information public hearing charge)
Phone number 072-870-0403 fax 072-872-2291
〒The second floor of 574-8555 1-1-1, Tanigawa, Daitou-shi, Osaka city hall central government office
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Update day: December 25, 2017