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We look for from scene of living

  • Pregnancy, delivery
  • Admission, entrance to school
  • Adult, employment
  • Marriage/divorce
  • Transference, transference, house
  • Condolences
  • Elderly person, care, person with a disability
  • Medical care, health
  • Garbage disposal/recycling
  • Procedure, certificate
  • Inquiry counter
  • The furtherance, medical treatment

Related organizations

  • Fire‐Defense Headquarters (fire department)
  • Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau
  • Election, inspection fairness committee
  • Iimori Cemetery association
  • Higashiosaka city cleaning facility association

Is helpful; site

  • Learn Daito; net
  • daitounoeemon
  • Community bus
  • Iimoriyama hiking course

Population and household of Daito CityDetailed statistics information

The number of the households
56,147 households
  • Pre-these past months -15
  • Year-to-year basis + 391
121,773 people
  • Pre-these past months -81
  • Year-to-year basis -688
  • The increase and decrease of this year -688
59,674 people
  • Pre-these past months -35
  • Year-to-year basis -321
62,099 people
  • Pre-these past months -46
  • Year-to-year basis -367

As of the end of December, 2017

Daito brand message & logo

Daito City brand message & logo

Daito City brand message & logo expresses town development that happiness spreads through by connection of person as smile.

About Daito City brand

  • About new Government building maintenance
  • It is Daito native at ease
  • It is elderly person lively
  • Introduction of Daito City
  • Civic meeting local in all generations
  • Hometown tax
  • Small room of die ton
  • Public information Daito
  • Guide of living
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We isolate fir tree with traditional machine

Experience made with articles daily used by people X rice

"Experience made with articles daily used by people X rice" was held in Youth Outdoor Activity Center on October 9, November 3, 25th.

We play how many people you come out of here!

Daito citizens' marathon meet

"Daito citizens' marathon meet" was held in Fukakita Park ball game open space on November 19.

With the same posture…Pasha re-!

Nap art

nimammaiyode "nap art" was held on November 24.

It is exercise without unreasonableness to own physical strength!

Cheerful demasse exchange meeting

"Cheerful demasse exchange meeting" was held in Civic hall on November 28.

It is the first experience in fire-fighting drill!

General disaster prevention drill

"General disaster prevention drill" was held at Article 4 junior high school on December 3.

List of photonews

  • Collection of links
  • Daito City real estate sale
  • Companies MICO
  • Osaka Industrial University
  • Numerousness or pal co-op
  • Mikasa engineering firm
  • Stain, liver spot, freckles treatment Yagotoishizaka clinic of Aichi
  • Share office, virtual office, Tokyo
  • Shinjuku Maria clinic of medical laser hair loss
  • We borrow advantageous rent-a-car in Osaka (tabirai)
  • If have orthopedic treatment in Osaka; | Word of mouth open space of beauty medical care
  • Kawafuku society
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